Dental Implant

Dental implants are becoming a more and more popular choice among patients have had one or more teeth removed. Dental implants look and feel more like natural teeth making them well worth the price for many people.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are replacement tooth roots, which provide a foundation for permanent or removeable replacement teeth. Made from a titanium post that is placed in the missing thooths bone socket and then the jawbone is allowed to heal around the post. The entire healing process takes about three months.


Once the dental implant bonds an abutment is attached to post in order to securely hold the new tooth. The new tooth is then attached to abutment. Your dentist will make sure that the new tooth or teeth match your existing teeth in color and size so only you will know that the tooth is not natural.


The entire dental implant process can take many months since you need to have the damaged tooth removed prior to having the implant surgery. Much of the time that this proceedure takes is actual healing time, which can be prolonged if you have to have bone grafts or other proceedures prior to the placement of implant itself.

What Makes Dental Implant so Popular?

There are a number of reasons why dental implants are so popular. Here are just some of the reasons why some patients prefer dental implants to dentures.

  • No Worry about Fit. Sometimes with dentures there are fit problems that cause the dentures to slip making it difficult to chew or even speak clearly. With dental implants the tooth or teeth are not going anywhere making it possible for you to eat all different types of foods and speak as clearly as you did before you lost your tooth.
  • Dental implants are more durable than dentures, which is important to most people.
  • Dental implants Reduces bone Reabsorbtion. Your jawbone height is retained since less of your jawbone is reabsorbed when having a dental implant.

Can Anyone Get Dental Implants?

While most people can get dental implants, there are a few situations in which a dental implant may not be recommended. Some issues that will prevent you being able to have a dental implant will be if you have extremely unhealthy gums or if your jaw bone has deteriorated too much.


If you are a diabetic or have heart disease your dentist may decide that a dental implant may not work for you. This will be determined on a case by case basis after a lengthy consultation.


Dental implants can be costly and in many cases will not be covered by your dental insurance policy. In some cases dental implants may be covered under your regular medical insurance depending on the cause of your tooth loss and your actual insurance plan. It is best to discuss with your dentist and your insurance company whether or not your implants will be covered before going ahead with the implants.


If you are unsure whether dentures, partials, or dental implants are the best choice for you, then speak to your dentist as he will be able to advise you.